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Sold Jewels
Inquire here to begin the creation of your own custom made jewel. Designs shown here may be duplicated or modified. Supplies are limited.


Sterling silver and gold "Silver Champagne" chandelier earrings with quartz and pyrite


Sterling silver chandelier earrings with pearls, rainbow moonstone & quartz


14 karat rolled gold chandelier earrings with rhodolite garnets and pink quartz gemstones


Sterling silver Indian chandelier earrings with blue gemstones


Sterling silver wire wrapped earrings with turquoise, prehnite and garnets


Sterling silver wire wrapped necklace with seed, keishi and flameball pearls


Sterling silver "Jasmine" chandelier earrings mint chalcedony and pearls


Sterling silver wire wrapped "netted" pendant with flameball pearl


Triple strand sterling silver and freshwater pearl necklace, amazonite focal


Sterling silver "Bridal Henna" necklace, rainbow moonstone, pearls, & quartz


Sterling silver & rolled gold "Water Music" necklace, chalcedony, kyanite, turquoise


14k rolled gold "Golden Fan" chandelier earrings, quartz, apatite, spinel, topaz


Sterling silver "Megan" chandelier earrings quartz, rainbow moonstone, seed pearls


14k rolled gold "Royal Pink Amethyst" chandelier earrings, garnets, citrine, pearls


Sterling silver "Purple Bohemian" chandeliers, amethyest, ametrine, citrine

Noria Jewelry is custom made fine jewelry fashioned using precious and semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls and precious metals. Designer Anna Cordner creates one-of-a-kind designs unique to her ‘Edwardian era meets Bollywood’ style; each piece is handcrafted. When you wear a Noria Jewelry piece, you wear art designed to last generations.

Anna blends intricate wire wrapping, silversmith and PMC techniques to create a very unique, one-of-a-kind aesthetic for custom made fine jewelry. Filigree motifs nod to Victorian and Edwardian influences while bright, vibrant gemstone combinations, coupled with exquisite detail, nod to Indian influences, both of which fuel Noria Jewelry’s unique allure.

If you feel inspired to have your own custom creation commissioned, contact Anna at annac@noriajewelry.com to begin the creative journey of seeing your vision become a tangible work of art.