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About the Artist


Anna opened her jewelry shop, Noria Jewelry, in April of 2009 in her Nothern Virginian home. All of her pieces are made with her two hands using a wide array of wire wrapping, metalsmithing technqiues, and PMC. Her signature aesthetic includes intricate and detailed wire work, sophisticated presentation and bold, bright gems and pearls against the backdrop of sterling silver or 14 karat rolled gold.

"I found my start in making jewelry when I was a young child. I had key influences in my environment that shaped my interests toward artistic endeavors."

Anna's childhood provided the perfect setting to ignite the flame and fuel her love of jewelry making. Her maternal grandfather was a lapidary and a geologist, her father made jewelry as a pastime, her maternal grandmother and step grandfather painted, and her mother included her in many of her arts and crafts projects. As a child, she had a great interest in stones. Her grandfather's knowledge and influence further bolstered her interest as it continued to intensify throughout her life. She cultivated a talent in drawing very young and maintained this ability thoughout her childhood and adulthood.

"Making jewelry was a very natural, easy and fun activity but it wasn't until after the birth of my first son that I considered selling jewelry."

Anna began making jewelry as a youth. She started out making beads from polymer clay, stringing glass beads on necklaces, and using needle nose pliers to open and close jump rings.   Years later, after the birth of her first son, she found she needed a creative outlet to help her adjust to her new role as a mother and turned to simple jewelry making. A natural part of the equation, to make up for the cost of buying supplies, was to sell her jewelry. And that is when she first began selling beaded bracelets.

"I find the continuous experimentation and learning in my craft most enjoyable, that and pouring my mind's fanciful wishes and artistic fantasies into something tangible."

While exploring the internet one day, Anna came across the world of wire wrapped jewelry.  Advanced wire wrapping piqued Anna's interest.  She began experimenting, learned through much trial and error, and eventually conquered the art of wire wrapping.  Along the way she renewed the use of her drawing abilities to draft sketches and design complex pieces of jewelry.

"I know some designers prefer to create more organically but I rely on having a precise road map for my pieces."

Anna starts all of her pieces with a sketch.  After she gets the perfect drawing, she has a talent that allows her to recreate the piece almost exactly according the specs of the sketch.  She typically starts with a base or foundational shape, while other times she lets the stones determine her design.  Her inspiration comes from Indian mehndi and henna and the bold color palettes found in Indian saris. She also loves to draw inspiration from Victorian and Edwardian styles, specifically their floral motifs and filigree lines. Anna also enjoys drawing from nature, looking to the beautiful patterns, colors, and lines of flowers to help her when she needs extra influence.

"When you wear a Noria Jewelry piece, you wear art designed to last generations. I take pride in solid craftsmanship and sumptous designs that will impress and excite the customer time after time."

written by Anitra Cottrell and Anna Cordner

Noria Jewelry is custom made fine jewelry fashioned using precious and semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls and precious metals. Designer Anna Cordner creates one-of-a-kind designs unique to her ‘Edwardian era meets Bollywood’ style; each piece is handcrafted. When you wear a Noria Jewelry piece, you wear art designed to last generations.

Anna blends intricate wire wrapping, silversmith and PMC techniques to create a very unique, one-of-a-kind aesthetic for custom made fine jewelry. Filigree motifs nod to Victorian and Edwardian influences while bright, vibrant gemstone combinations, coupled with exquisite detail, nod to Indian influences, both of which fuel Noria Jewelry’s unique allure.

If you feel inspired to have your own custom creation commissioned, contact Anna at annac@noriajewelry.com to begin the creative journey of seeing your vision become a tangible work of art.